Data Security

So what's all this hype about data security? 

How can we help?

We will come out and take a look at your network for you and let you know how to proceed.  The first consultation will be free of charge*.  

We will consider two aspects:

  1. Whether your environment as it stands requires any upgrades to hardware, software or processes.  We will then discuss undertaking any required upgrade project with you.
  2. Whether your ongoing management policy is adequate.  It is very likely that one of our "IT Pro" products is less expensive and/or more reliable than existing processes.  Why not take a look at them by clicking here.

Why not get in touch with us today for your obligation and cost free* initial consultation?

* Our first hour with any new customer is always free.  After the first hour charges may apply if your requirements are complex and require analysis. We will fully discuss this with you. 

Am I at risk?

You are very likely to be at risk, especially if any of the following apply to you...

Untrained Staff.
If you have non IT professional staff members in charge of data or file management, or indeed server management, you run the risk of accidental data loss through lack of knowledge.  Make sure that if you have employed someone to do a certain job, they stick to that job, and don't try and manage your IT infrastructure as well. It's both expensive and dangerous.

Multiple Offices.
When a company grows to a size where it has multiple locations, you need to set up networking between your locations. This exposes you to data security risk across the internet.  You should make sure one of our professionals has reviewed your infrastructure to make sure it is secure.

You have several employees.
If you have employees, there is always a risk that one of them may try to harm you through data destruction or tampering.  Make sure your computer security is set up correctly to minimise the risk and maximise the audit trail.  Can you trust the person that is in charge of your computer systems not to use your data unethically?  Using an outsourced provider can provide you with enhanced security through confidentiality agreements and improved process.

Your data is of valuable to someone else.
You should certainly take steps to verify that your data is secure, as surely as you should make sure you have locks on your doors.

Your backups are not running automatically, or are not being regularly test restored.
A backup that is run manually may not run on any given day due to sickness or busyness.  A backup that is not regularly tested has little value and it is likely not to function correctly, as backup problems are common.  Both of these can be critical business risks.

You have no server, or your server is not under a maintenance schedule.
Either of these circumstances means that your data is not managed or properly controlled.  This exposes you to many different kinds of risks that may be hard to trace.  For example, a user may think that their computer files are on their own computer and never realise the place they usually save to is a shortcut to someone else's computer.  The user of the other computer may decide to have their computer replaced or re-installed, and the entire user's data is lost through no fault of their own. A non-proactively maintained server should be considered a business interruption or data loss waiting to happen.  If you wait for something to go wrong before you take action, it will probably be too late, and may be an expensive or prohibitive issue.